️️️Head On Collision, Car Catches Alight: Longbury Drive, Phoenix: Kzn Vip Response Teams who…

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Phoenix Durban

⚠️⚠️⚠️Head On Collision, Car Catches Alight:
Longbury Drive, Phoenix:

Kzn Vip Response Teams who were in the vicinity of Longbury Drive when they heard a loud bang, members then noticed the collision and immediately called Kzn Vip Medics for assistance.

After calling for medical assistance Kzn Vip Members together with residents had to act quickly after the purple Fiat Uno started burning with the driver entrapped. Vehicle window had to be bust open to free the driver who sustained injuries and was taken to the Vip Ambulance for treatment.

Residents began assisting further with hose pipes and buckets of water in aid of extinguishing the fire whilst the fire dept were on route, the fire was subdued till the fire dept stood off.

It is alleged that the driver of the silver Jetta was under the influence of alcohol and was detained by Phoenix Saps. As per witnesses the silver Jetta swerved onto oncoming traffic before colliding head on into the Fiat Uno, the patient was stabilised on scene before being transported for further medical attention.

There had also been a spillage of oil on the road but fire department has dealt with it, also well done to each and every person that assisted at the accident scene.


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5 comments on “️️️Head On Collision, Car Catches Alight: Longbury Drive, Phoenix: Kzn Vip Response Teams who…

  1. Well done to the gentleman from the house at the corner (next to the property where the trucks park), his quick response in getting the driver out of the Uno ultimately saved the driver from being burnt or severly injured. You are indeed a good Samaritan and an angel disguise. It’s a pity that I did not ask your name..But you are most certainly a hero, god bless you for saving the driver from the burning car. The residents with the hoses and buckets also managed to keep the blaze controlled.

  2. To everyone that assisted a huge thank you from my family, that was my cousin trapped in the car. God bless you all for being there and saving his life. Thank you Kzn vip for all you efforts and also making sure we were informed timeously.

  3. Well done members. KZN VIP always on time to assist. Thank you guys .Big thanks to the community that assisted. Also the BRAVE FIREMEN that risked their lives has well …A big thank you. From members of sector 6 cpf

  4. Omg it brings flutter to my heart to read this post and see a community stand together. Well done to each person that helped out. You guys are all hero’s and heroins. A speedy recovery to the injured. God bless you guys

  5. Shenaaz Mahmood well done to your husband Riaz for his quick thinking and saving someone. God bless him. Well done.

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