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Between 1 July and 31 December 2018, cops achieved
numerous convictions of criminals for crimes against women and children.This included murder, rape and child pornography. Colonel Brenda Muridili said that a total of 1 357
accused persons were given 371 life sentences and over 4 629 years’ imprisonment
by the courts in 838 cases.”Two of the investigating officers who contributed
to the above total number of convictions, are Detective Constable Tlala John
Mokoena and Detective Captain TT Bvuma, both from Gauteng. “They received the National Commissioner’s Special
Awards in recognition of their commitment, hard work and outstanding
achievements. Their dedication to their work has ensured that survivors of the
heinous crimes they investigated – rape, murder and child pornography – believe
in the police to bring them justice, thereby restoring the communities’
confidence in the police and the law,” said cops spokesperson colonel
Brenda Muridili. The successes of Detective Constable Mokoena of the FCS’s
Serial and Electronic Crime Investigation Unit, include six serial rapists who
were sentenced to a combined 17 life sentences and more than 800 years’
imprisonment. He is also responsible for the recent conviction of the
Soweto Taxi Rapist, Gift Lebohang Mokwena. 
Detective Constable Mokoena has been promoted from the
rank of ‘Constable’ to that of ‘Warrant Officer’, with effect from 1 February
2019.Detective Captain Bvuma on the other hand, was allocated
a case of rape to investigate in 2016. As a seasoned detective, he managed to
link the suspect he had arrested to 13 other rape cases, in a reign of terror
that started in 2014. The suspect was eventually convicted on 52 charges
including rape, kidnapping and assault, and was sentenced to 15 life sentences
and 105 years’ imprisonment.Crimes against women and children have always been a
priority for the South African Police Service and the 2018/2019 financial year
was declared as the year to especially focus on crimes against women and
children.The FCS Units around the country consist of dedicated
members who go beyond the call of duty to ensure that the survivors of these
heinous crimes – rape, murder and child pornography – are treated with the
utmost care and respect to avoid secondary victimisation. Bringing the
perpetrators of crimes against women and children to book, is the only reward
that the FCS investigating officers need, as explained by Detective Constable
Mokoena, “Being able to solve a case and ensuring a hefty sentence, bring
survivors of rape and families of those that have been murdered, some form of
closure, and that is what we are always striving to achieve”.The FCS Units also conduct awareness campaigns at schools
and communities to preach the gospel of children’s safety, and to sensitise the
communities about the realities of the scourge of crimes against women and
children.The SAPS calls on parents and caregivers to report all
crimes committed against children, as failure to report such knowledge, may
result in the prosecution of the parent/caregiver or anyone older who had known
about the incident.The SAPS would also like to warn women who report false
cases of rape, assault et cetera, to refrain from doing so as once a case has
been reported, the police waste much needed resources as well as their time,
which could have been diverted to where they are really needed. Those found to
be doing this, will be charged with perjury and will be prosecuted.


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