A win for South Africa’s sporting fraternity | Phoenix Sun

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A win for South Africa’s sporting fraternity | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Sportsmen and stakeholders together with chairman of GSC, Tucker Brijmohan (fourth from left).

The sporting fraternity in five landmark cities across the country has been given a much required boost and acclamation that it befittingly deserves following the launch of Global Sports Consortium, a registered NPO, last week.
Attended by local sporting heavyweights, supporters, corporates, a star panelist and members of the media, the high-profile launch, which witnessed the culmination of months of hard work, commitment and passion, was indeed an indication of the great opportunities to come within SA’s sporting society, which is so often overlooked.
Addressing guests at the launch, the chairman of GSC, Tucker Brijmohan, gave insight as to how the NPO will break down racial barriers, providing a platform for aspiring sportsmen and sportswomen to achieve excellence in their respective codes of sport.
“The conception of GSC represents exciting opportunities for our sporting federations and all the people of our country. GSC has tasked itself with partnering with all the relevant stakeholders to bring about transformation in sport. We recognise the challenges faced by our athletes upon reintroduction to the global sporting arena and assure our young sports stars that they will receive the necessary skills development to help them go further and take their talents to not only a national, but also an international level,” he proudly said.

Coming from humble beginnings, GSC is now a major role-player in development of sports and also highlighting this at the official launch was none other than proud Durban wrestler and HWA champion, Daryl Dante Naidu, more fondly known by his in-ring persona, Nightmare.
He gleamed with excitement and pride as he spoke of the impressive changes that Global Sports Consortium would bring to the table (or the squared circle, in this case).
“Today’s youngsters are facing a myriad of social ills. By backing an initiative of this magnitude, they will steer away from such negativities and focus their attention on sports. Once they become part of GSC and benefit from our programmes and sporting bursaries, we promise them a brighter future and the chance to become a success rather than a statistic. We are doing this all in the name of sporting upliftment. We know that our nation is filled with exceptional talent. Now is the time to unearth that talent,” said Nightmare.
GSC has four massive projects planned to achieve its objectives: Global Sports Events, Global Sports Entertainment and Artists, Global Sports Watch and the most important Global Sports Expo.
The expo is being held to expose and develop every code of sport in Durban, Johannesburg, Pretoria, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.
A highlight of the expo being held in Durban will be an exhilarating tag team match which will include the likes of Nightmare, Tiger Julian Pillay and Steve Van Eeden. Also being included in the line-up is comedian, Meshantan Naidoo, who was also the MC at the launch.
While Meshantan has no in-ring experience, Nightmare has committed himself to training him for the upcoming match, which is sure to be packed with action and excitement. The Durban expo will be held from Wednesday, July 31 to Sunday, August 4 at the Johnson’s King Park Stadium.
“No organisation or institution that has the best interest of our youth at heart and is working for the betterment of sport will be excluded. We believe that our youth need to be exposed to all codes of sport,” added Brijmohan.
Agreeing with these sentiments, Nightmare concluded by thanking everyone for attending and encouraged them to spread the word.
“The launch of GSC will go down in the history books. Together, we can build a nation that exudes great love and respect for sports,” Nightmare said.
All sporting clubs, federations and organisations, focusing on various codes of sport, are invited to join GSC for the expo. For more information, send an email to [email protected]

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