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The fight against injustice continues

  1. We fear no one but the almighty.
  2. We respect our communities.
  3. We protect our children for a better future.

We are a multi racial online community against crime.  #AHOO!!


Gangwatch was started as a counter initiative against gangsterism, Grant noticed that gang murders do not get much attention by authorities even when innocent people get killed, the murderers walk amongst community members and feel untouchable, boasting about how rivals were killed. This attitude leads to a role model status which attracts the younger community members. Youngsters copy this hero type of personalities and follow the footsteps of hardened gangsters, end results lead to the younger generation having killing and destruction abilities. This is what causes the absolute mayhem in our communities. The history and financial promotion of South African gangsters can be researched on Wikipedia. Our aim with this initiative is to counter life and property loses by creating awareness to achieve this we bring the uncovered scene to you via social and media structures. I originally started with a Facebook page Cathkin gangwatch however people saw the crime fighting ability of this initiative and ask to open more pages. Cathkin gangwatch was then closed and a page for every suburb was opened instead. The drive behind all pages was to get community involvement which I achieved. Information reaches our pages so fast that it enables us to warn people in time, a good crime prevention capability. This is all possible with the help of our Facebook admin Aameena Jack, Whatsapp groups admins, Head RM1, LADYBUG, SWEET and the rest.

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Grant Smith
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