Adventure tales shared in Sandton – Sandton Chronicle

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Adventure tales shared in Sandton – Sandton Chronicle

Phoenix Durban

Carla Molinaro and Mike Sewell hope that the Adventure Tales will inspire people to take on a new adventure. Photo: Laura Pisanello

Two adventurers have started a series of talks in Sandton to encourage the community to step out of their comfort zone.
Mike Sewell and Carla Molinaro started the Running Company and the Adventure Tales talks to highlight incredible adventures from people around South Africa.
Their second event, hosted on 1 May, featured a talk by Naomi Briel, who recently ran over 1 500km around Lake Malawi. Briel shared many of the highs and lows from the trip and said that it was one of the hardest things she has ever done in her life.
The purposes of the discussion, however, are to inspire and encourage those who would like to take on their own adventure.
Molinaro and Sewell meet while running over 1 000km to the Comrades Marathon, which starts in Durban. The two, who both have a passion for adventure, said that they hope the talks can be an inspiration for others.
Naomi Briel shares her adventure tale in Sandton. Photo: Laura Pisanello
Molinaro said, “We want to create something that was a little bit different for people to do, where people could be inspired, watch a great movie, listen to a talk and meet other like-minded people.”

Sewell added that there will be a wide range of adventurers who will be giving talks which appeal to a wide range of people. “We want people to be inspired and while some people might not necessarily be able to walk to the South Pole maybe they will think, ‘Wow, maybe let me go hike in the Drakensberg’.”
Whether it is to test personal limits or raise money for a cause, Sewell said that if someone wants to do something, they just need to set their mind to it and do it and the rest will fall into place. Briel, who trained to be a vet, completed her trip around Lake Malawi in order to raise money for pangolins, which are widely trafficked around the world.
Briel said that while there were many challenges in competing the trip it pushed her and made her grow in many ways. “You need to make space to go out of your comfort zone,” she concluded.
Details: The Running Company
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