So nothing stopped the opening of the tavern at Woodview shopping complex


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Gangwatch it’s a online initiative which draws a lot of cyber traffic nationally and internationally. This online traffic is predominantly from individuals who are affected by gang violence in South Africa, which includes people who have family’s and common interests within South Africa.



The Western Cape Gangwatch website reaches a daily traffic viewership of 200.000 per day as per Google’s analytic feedback, making it a lucrative opportunity to advertise within this field of viewership. Which consists of Companies such as, Legal Companies, Attorneys, Supermarkets and Security Companies, including companies who sell security products like teargas,stun guns etc. Advertising will be in a Banner Format or Poster that links your company profile with these daily 200 000 online viewers on a daily basis,because it’s injected into the post that the viewers read daily.

We create an online banner(Ad), or the client can supply their own banner which is clickable. When a potential client clicks on the Ad, it will download a full brochure onto the target device or redirect the person to your website. This form of advertising is run on a 24/7 basis and is based on a direct marketing model dependent on your website.
Price R30 Daily, weekends free on a monthly basis.

Or try it for two weeks at R298,54 South African Rand

Weekends Free

Fill in the form and pay with your credit card “Gangwatch use PayPal the safest way for online payment”

By press pay now I agree to pay R298,54 only to Gangwatch for advertising. Please confirm your payment




Gang Watch App On Google Play store 

A must download to keep you updated via a notification system.
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