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C O N T R E T E – W I N D – J E L L O W

*8 months of FPV flying experience*

Here are some highlights of our short flying session at the notorious “Macassar Beach Bando” near Cape Town. Needless to say we came unprepared, arriving with minimal battery packs , minimal spare props and no ND filters whatsoever. Just to put a typical “Cape Town Summer spin” on the scenario , the dreaded South Easter wind picked up during our session too. In a nutshell , don’t expect hyper smooth- , heavily over-saturated- and “cineflow” footage. We had to run and gun this one and heck…did we have a blast!

And as for the colour grade and overall exposure of this video…dont get me started. = Its semi automatic exposure settings on a Gopro , in the middle of the day with white sand everywhere AND the auto colour setting in Davinci Resolve. If you want to fix this footage , be my guest , Ill rather spend the time flying. 😉

Needless to say we broke some stuff that day…
Speaking of stuff, here is my setup:

-Skitzo Nova Frame
-FlightOne Revolt Fc
-Flightone Esc
-MrSteel Silkies V2
-Rush Tank Vtx
-Gopro Session5 [Auto shutter and No ND 🙁 ]

-A short back story…

Early in January 2019 , Brad and I went on a short trip to scout out a Beach Bando we have been eye-balling for a couple of days. Both Brad and I work as professional crew members in the South African Film Industry and we have visited this site before on numerous shoots. So we knew about it for a long time but as you may not know , South Africa can be a very dangerous place… Especially a bando in the middle of nowhere in an area known for dangerous (and at times lethal ) muggings and other violent crimes. We had to utilise guerrilla tactics in order to make it out unscathed…lol.

All this for the absolute passion of flying!


Artist – Laxcity
Track – Good Morning




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