Animal shelter in Krugersdorp quarantined until further notice due to distemper outbreak

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Animal shelter in Krugersdorp quarantined until further notice due to distemper outbreak

Phoenix Durban

Fora Krugersdorp will be closed for the foreseeable future due to an outbreak of the distemper virus. Photo: CJ Heyman.

The Friends of Rescued Animals (Fora) adoption centre in Krugersdorp is currently closed and has been placed under quarantine after an unexpected outbreak of distemper.
After an announcement by the Blue Bush Animal Clinic in Johannesburg North of a few cases of distemper among dogs in the area, Fora conducted tests of their own.
Three dogs tested positive for the virus, but were luckily still being held in a processing zone across the road from the main shelter. Fora reported that the animals in the main shelter have already been vaccinated against the disease and run a far lower risk of contracting it.
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Because there is still a risk involved in the situation, the shelter has opted to close its gates to the public completely until further notice. No animals can be adopted or taken into the shelter during this time. This is for the public’s and the animals’ safety.
The shelter has undertaken to test all of its dogs, is ensuring that they are fully vaccinated and has started to deep clean all of the cages and the premises. This is unfortunately an extremely large task, made more difficult by the regular load shedding, and a shortage of cleaning supplies. The shelter is using a far larger quantity of cleaning agents than usual, and may shortly run out completely.
Fora has asked the public to help them out in this time, and donate the following items: F10 Veterinary Disinfectant (which can be bought from most larger pet shops/ pet hypers), Pine Gel, mops, brooms and Jik. With this, they also wanted to emphasise that the shelter is always in need of these items, as well as food, treats and blankets for the animals.

All donations can be delivered directly to the shelter at 1 Windsor Road, Luipaardsvlei. Donations can be dropped off at the gate, and it’s asked that people do not enter the premises without being accompanied by a staff member.
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