Apologies for late re-post

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Apologies for late re-post

Port Elizabeth

Apologies for late re-post.

Growing number of ABSA clients in PE targeted

There is a growing number of ABSA clients whose accounts have been hacked and funds withdrawn from their account.

* Various clients have had additional beneficiaries added to their accounts without their knowledge and funds withdrawn on them from ATM’s in the Nelson Mandela Bay area.
* Childrens savings accounts and bond accounts have been accessed and monies transferred
* Online purchases from Amazon , purchases of airline tickets
* The amounts vary between a few thousand to R200 00.00

Police Spokesperson Colonel Priscilla Naidu confirmed that several cases involving Absa clients are currently under investigation.


ABSA has issued the following media statement
On 11 July 2018 our Group name changed from Barclays Africa Group Limited to Absa Group Limited. We also launched our refreshed brand as an expression of our new identity, marking the start of one of the largest rebranding programmes Africa has seen.
In a phishing email sent to South Africans, criminals are trying to capitalise on Absa’s brand refresh to scam unsuspecting users.
The email purports to come from the desk of Absa CEO Maria Ramos, and customers are encouraged to click on their “New Absa eStatements” in PDF format, which is actually an HTML file that takes them to a phishing attack website.

Cyber-criminals such as these employ increasingly sophisticated methods to access customer internet banking information and email phishing scams are but one of the methods they use.

We would like to remind you that we will never ask you to provide your PIN number or account login information either electronically or telephonically.

We will also never contact you to provide sensitive information such as your card PIN, card CVV or online banking password, nor request you to access your online banking profile via hyperlinks or attachments provided in an email.

You should never respond to a suspicious looking email or message, or click on a link in a suspicious looking email, but rather delete the email or message.

If you believe that you may have fallen victim to a phishing email or a vishing call, contact the Absa Fraud Hotline immediately on 0860 557 557 to alert us to the possibility that your information may have been compromised

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  1. My question is why only pe customers? If an email was,sent out surely it would have been nationally? This is very odd

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