Are you experiencing anxiety as a result of existential despair?

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Are you experiencing anxiety as a result of existential despair?

Phoenix Durban

Anxiety can result in moodiness, a lack of motivation, poor work and study performance, withdrawal, addiction, panic attacks and other related problems.
One cause of anxiety is through existential despair. Existing despair refers to a loss of purpose. This can be triggered because of being deprived of responsibilities and daily routine.
It may affect people who are retired, medically boarded, parents whose adult children have left home, people forced into jobs they are not passionate about, people whose spouses passed away, and others. They may ask ‘Who am I’ and ‘What is my purpose in life?’
Having a purpose in life and having responsibilities for each day that we look forward to, helps us survive.
The following are tips to avoid existential despair (Ref: J Tsilimparis-
Find a life purpose. Find something that you enjoy doing. Consider other jobs, careers or projects.
Fill each day with activities so that you do not have idle time.
Focus on things that you can make a difference in daily such as your relationships, your responsibilities and your health.
Set goals on a daily basis. Try new challenges.
Remind yourself that life does not always have guarantees. Allow for some uncertainty of the future.
Do not procrastinate. Make daily decisions and act on them.
Avoid isolating yourself. Socialise. Connect with at least one person a day through a conversation, a kind word or a smile.
Avoid stressing about the unknowns. Learn to live with them.
Remember that you cannot change the world, but you can change your responses to it.
Don’t believe that everything bad happens only to you.
Live each day fully and make a positive difference in the lives of people you touch.


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