ASKDSA karatekas shine at SA Women’s Cup

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All three young women from ASKDSA, Abigail Govender, Kevasha Mahabeer and Sanjana Maharaj.

The young ladies from the Association of Shotokan Karate Do South Africa (ASKDSA) competed at the SA Women’s Tournament held at the Tongaat Sports Hall, recently. They excelled in their respective divisions.
All three females, Abigail Govender, Kevasha Mahabeer and Sanjana Maharaj are KZN caps and are currently ranked in the top 10 in their respective divisions for kumite.
Sanjana, currently ranked sixth won bronze in the 12-13 years under 47kg division, Kevasha, currently ranked fifth won silver in the 16-17 years under 53kg division while Abigail, ranked number one won gold in the 14-15 years under 47kg division.
These young, talented and fearless women are determined to excel in a sport dominated by males.

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Sensei Vijay Govender, protea coach and an instructor of ASKDSA, said hard work, commitment, sacrifices, passion for the sport and perseverance are key factors that has driven these young women to excel.
“In the current state of our community, it’s absolutely important and necessary for females to be involved in karate as means of self defence and self confidence,” said Sensei Vijay.
She encourages all women, both young and old to get involved in karate in their community which will boost their self esteem, build their confidence and remove fear.
Should you have any queries, contact Sensei Vijay Govender on 074-488-5456.


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