ASKDSA karatekas show off skills at Commonwealth Championships

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Devan Kumarasamy, Muhammad Saib, Navin Jagarath and Yakeel Maharaj. Front row: Keenan Pillay, Kevasha Mahabeer, Risendran Naidoo, Sanjana Maharaj, Abigail Govender, Reshmee Mahabeer and Vijay Govender.

The Association of Shotokan Karate Do South Africa (ASKDSA), an affiliate of International Shotokan Karate Federation South Africa (ISKFSA), represented South Africa at the recent Commonwealth Karate Championships held at the Olive Convention Centre in Durban.
This was indeed a great honour for the dojo and the country.
Keenan Pillay, Abigail Govender and Muhammad Saib earned their Protea colours because they are ranked in the top four in the country in their respective divisions.
They participated in the Commonwealth Championships. Muhammad Saib won a bronze medal in the 14-15 years under 70kg kumite division. This is indeed a great achievement for the newly capped Protea.
Sensei Devan Kumarasamy, Sensei Yakeel Maharaj, Sensei Navin Jagarath, Sanjana Maharaj and Risendran Naidoo earned their Karate South African (KSA) colours due to being ranked in the top 10 in the country in their respective divisions.
They participated in the Commonwealth Cup.

Sensei Devan won gold, becoming the Commonwealth champion in the veteran’s kumite division while Sanjana won bronze in the 12-13 years under 47kg kumite division. Kevasha Mahabeer, ranked 5, competed in the Commonwealth Championships where she won a bronze medal in the 16-17 years under 53kg kumite division.
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Sensei Rodney Govender, Sensei Yakeel Maharaj, Sensei Devan Kumarasamy and Sensei Navin Jagarath were selected as referees to officiate at this elite championship while Sarika Maharaj and Reshmee Mahabeer were officials on duty at the event.
Their hard work, immense sacrifices and excellent service at the event made a huge impact in the success of the event.
Sensei Vijay Govender, a national coach, was one of the official Protea coaches at the tournament. She said that although the level of competition was of a very high standard, South African athletes were dominant in producing excellent results and winning most of the medals.
Sensei Dennis Kumarasamy, president of ASKDSA, said that he is proud of the results and performance of his athletes.
Their hard work, dedication, commitment, perseverance and huge sacrifices resulted in their success. He would like to congratulate them on their achievements and wishes them well in their future endeavours.


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