Assalaamoe alaykoem wa raghmatullaahi wa barakaatoe /Good Morning /Molweni ️ We, a group of…

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Assalaamoe alaykoem wa raghmatullaahi wa barakaatoe /Good Morning /Molweni Everyone..


We, a group of concerned residents of Manenberg are planning to stage a peaceful protest picket at the Parliament on this coming wednesday morning(26 June 2019) to raise further awareness of the increased violence in our area..

We meet at the Town Hall 9h30 am then we proceed to Parliament for 1-2 hours protest picket to highlight the violence in the Manenberg Area..

We are now in our 4th week of continued protest action, marchers and occupying of spaces and parks, determined to take back our streets and create a safer invironment for the community
Lower Manenberg is peaceful now after weeks of gang war.
Gangwar in upper Manenberg has now also erupted.

We stand in solidarity with all of Manenberg and the Cape Flats during this time of increased violence and killings of innocent people..

Ons gan dikhou tot julle ophou!!
Stop the killings!!
Free free Manenberg!!
We want peace!!


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