Attacks on the City of Ekurhuleni emergency services workers on the rise

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Attacks on the City of Ekurhuleni emergency services workers on the rise

Phoenix Durban

GET WELL: Rovhiwa Muhlola with City Manager Dr Imogen Mashazi. Muhlola was shot while on duty in Germiston informal settlement Dukathole.

ROVHIWA Muhlola (35), a member of the City of Ekurhukleni Emergency Service Germiston Centre, was shot while attending to an emergency in the Dukathole informal settlement on March 16 at around 7.30pm.
She has since been treated at the Netcare Union Hospital and was discharged on March 19, but will have to go back for further treatment.
According to Ekurhuleni Emergency Services (EES) spokesperson William Ntladi, the victim will be going back to Union Hospital for check-ups and finally to get the bullet removed.
“They cannot operate on her because the wound is still very swollen and doctors are anticipating that by March 22 they will be able to operate,” added Ntladi.
Getting out of hand
The team were alerted that someone was knocked over by a vehicle and while waiting for other officials they were subsequently informed that someone has been stabbed in a veld in the informal settlement.
“The emergency workers were busy performing their duties when unknown people randomly opened fire and left the scene, unfortunately one of ours was shot,” said Ntladi
City manager Dr Imogen Mashazi expressed disappointment and concern about the ongoing attacks on the City emergency workers.
She told the RECORD the City is doing all in its power to ensure whenever emergency service workers attend to an emergency, workers must be accompanied by police officers because the vehicles are getting damaged and workers are being attacked and this is getting worse every day.
“We need to protect our emergency service workers while on duty so they can execute their duties uninterruptedly because they are there to save lives, not to be victims of attacks,” she said.
Ntladi told the RECORD this is the first incident where one of their members was shot, but they are currently experiencing attacks on their staff.
“There is an increase in attacks on our staff, including damage to emergency vehicles,” added Ntladi.

He further pleaded with anyone with information about the shooting to come forward to assist in apprehending the culprits. Anyone with information can send an email to Ntladi at [email protected]
Muhlola will be attending counselling before going to work to ensure she is well.
“The Department of Social Development will be assisting with counselling and all the affected workers are subjected to attended counselling sessions,” added Mashazi.
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