Back to school– remember safety and health

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Back to school– remember safety and health

Phoenix Durban

A new year, a fresh start, more to learn and spending time with good old friends and new ones to come. It is back to school. Are you ready?
ER24 is urging parents and children who are preparing for their next year at school to keep in mind their safety and health.

Children should be vigilant at all times. Below are some tips for children:
If you walk to and back home from school, try to do so in a group. Never walk through secluded areas. If you see someone behaving suspiciously, get away from the person immediately and report the incident.
Ensure that valuables such as cellular phones and other electronic devices are not visible.
Know the rules of the road. Do not jaywalk. Cross roads where you are allowed to but ensure that it is safe to do so.
Never accept or ask a stranger for a lift. Leave home early enough to ensure that you are at school on time.
For those who are dropped off and picked up from school, parents/guardians or others responsible for doing so, should ensure this is done safely. If the area around the school is busy, be patient. Be careful of other vehicles in the area and children who are walking past.
Children must be appropriately restrained in a vehicle. Parents/guardians should ensure that lift clubs or any other form of transport that is organised for children is safe. Know who is transporting the child. Children who feel unsafe in these vehicles should report it to their parents/guardians.
Always keep a list of emergency numbers to contact in case it is needed.
Children and parents/guardians should have a close relationship and build on trust. If you decide to go somewhere after school or spend time with friends, always ask or let parents/guardians know where you are going and what time they should expect you back.
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As long as we feel fine, we do not have to worry right? Wrong.
The earlier you take care of your health, the better. Just a few small changes in your child’s lunch box and daily routine can make a world of difference.
Below are some tips:
Lead a balanced lifestyle. A balanced lifestyle means healthy eating, getting enough rest and sleep, exercise and reducing stress.
A healthy eating plan can prevent certain illnesses as well as help improve your energy. You should include fruits and vegetables in your eating plan as they are full of antioxidants and vitamins. Cut down on the fatty foods, salt and sugar.
Refrain from smoking, drinking alcohol and talking drugs.
It is vital that you get enough rest and sleep. Give yourself enough time to study instead of pushing too hard at the last minute. Rather give yourself enough time to understand and ask someone for help with problems you are encountering.
Get involved in sporting activities. Regular exercise can help you stay fit.
Do not expose yourself to too much sunlight. Exposing your skin to the sun’s rays for a long period of time increases the risk of developing skin cancer. Use approved sunscreen to protect your skin and drink a lot of water to stay hydrated.
If you are a victim of bullying, any other form of abuse at home or school, or struggling to cope mentally, report or seek the help of a trusted person such as a parent/guardian, counsellor, teacher or principal.

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