“BAMBI” All our thoughts and prayers are with you Well done to everyone at…

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“BAMBI” All our thoughts and prayers are with you ?????
Well done to everyone at Country Animal Clinic for your passion and dedication.


Update on the bokkie brought to us for medical care this morning after being rescued from the Betty’s Bay fires:
We’re hugely grateful to our amazing vets, Dr Rosali Bruggemann, her fiancé Dr Tiaan Visser and Dr Adri Rossouw for their tremendous efforts in trying to save this precious young Grysbok. He is doing well and is eating, thanks to Dr Adri’s bottle feeding. Dr Adri has taken him into her home so that he has round-the-clock care.
A very special thank you to the Wynland firefighters who found him and paramedics Wardi de Wet and Riaz Arendse of ER24 who delivered him to us in their ambulance.
We have treated the bokkie’s burns (and nicknamed him Bambi) and given him fluids and painkillers. All we can do now is wait and hope that he makes it.
For those of you who wanted to donate to his care, a big thank you, but we are more than happy to carry his medical costs. If you’d like to donate, please consider the firemen and paramedics who put their lives on the line to fight these fires. You will find donor details on the Betty’s Bay Village Facebook page.
Thank you all for your concern and messages of support.
Here is this afternoon’s picture of Dr Adri feeding the young bokkie


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