Belhar evacuation the St Vincent Clinic.

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Thursday, 3 January, 2019

Attention all Belhar residents:

There is currently an evacuation of patients and personnel at the St Vincent Clinic. A bomb threat at the clinic was apparently received which led to the evacuation of all pstients and staff. This is totally, totally unacceptable to do this in a place where people receive health care. Some people are in pain and agony and need urgent attention and now must stand outside in the sun whilst police investigate and search the premises.

We must all condemn such actions. This is a community clinic and it poses no risk whatsoever to anyone. It renders primary health care. Where is the threat to anyone in this? The individual/s reponsible for this are really sick and disgusted human beings. We cannot tolerate this type of actions. Should anyone not be satisfied with the services at the clinic then there are a few channels to complain to but it is totally unacceptable to resort to bomb scares and threats.

As the Belhar Community Health Forum we want to condemn this type of action in the strongest possible terms and trust that this individual/s will be exposed, apprenhended and brought before a Court of law to account for these actions.

We want to indicate to the residents and patients that whilst the services are not 100% up to standard, we support the work of the staff at the facility and will work with them to improve the services at the clinic.

We trust that this evacuation had very little effect on the patients, their ompanions and the staff. The community of Belhar must all condemn these type of actions from those amongst us. Whatever effect this type of actions tried to evoke, it did not suceed as patients understand that if can only be a disgruntled or sick person/s that will resort to such actions.

Belhar Community Health Forum
S Benjamin
Mobile: 0845735413

Bomb squat arrived now.


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