Belverton Secondary defies the odds again

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Belverton Secondary defies the odds again

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Joash Govender, Davani Moodley, acting deputy principal, JS Moodley, Simone Maistry, Nhloniphe Muthiya and Tashmika Singh. Seated: acting principal, Mr RF Muthen.

In maintaining a consistent work ethic, Belverton Secondary School once again proved that determination is the key to success.
The school was placed first for the second year in a row in the National Senior Certificate Examination in the Billy Nair Ward 143 with a 96, 70 percent matric pass rate and the school came seventh overall in the Mafukuzela-Gandhi circuit.
Belverton Secondary School has been able to produce impressive results and maintain a consistent overall work rate at producing these results, according to reports released by the Department of Basic Education, National Education Evaluation and Development Unit (NEEDU).
The NEEDU report confirms that Belverton Secondary continues to conform to the required standard of education as set by the Department of Basic Education.
The school’s highest achievers, Davani Moodley (6 As), Tashmika Singh (5 As), Crystal Naidoo (5 As), Simone Maistry (4 As), Nhloniphe Muthiya (4 As) and Joash Govender (3 As), have big plans for their futures.
Davani has already been accepted to study medicine at the University of Cape Town.
“I am a fan of medical television dramas and my love for medicine began with that,” she said. Being able to study medicine is a wish come true for Davani as she wants to make a difference in the medical field one day.
“If given the opportunity I would one day want to be able to research and possibly discover a cure for cancer,” she said.
Joash is keen on pursuing a career in Computer Science at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. “I have a keen interest in computers and the advancement of technology and its benefits to society,” he said.
Like his role model, the late Steve Jobs, Joash firmly believes that if you are willing enough you can be the change the world needs.
Wanting to give back to the less fortunate is Nhloniphe Muthiya who wants to pursue a degree in education at the University of Zululand.
“I want to be able to give back to those from poorer backgrounds one day and being a teacher is my first step in that direction. I want to see others do better in their lives and this is the path that will help me help others achieve their goals,” he said.
A love for maths and figures has spurred Simone toward a degree in BCom Accounting which she hopes to study at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

“My aunt inspired me to go into the accounting field as she has a career that is both interesting and challenging,” she said.
Tashmika intends to pursue a career in Medical Laboratory Science at the Durban University of Technology.
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“I enjoy working in the background and being able to perhaps one day find a cure to some if not all diseases,” she said.
However, they did have their challenges during their matric year.
Anxiety and stress were some of the factors they faced but they managed to get through the pressure with the help of their parents and teachers.
Joash said there were nights before some of his final papers that he found himself wandering the house.
“I used to just get up and pace nervously about the next day but my parents pushed me on and I am thankful for them,” he said.
Nhloniphe reached his breaking point early on in the year after performing poorly in an English paper.
“I was afraid to fail so I pulled myself together with the help of my English teacher Mrs A Maharaj who motivated me to work harder,” he said.
They all agreed though that working both smartly and hard with a goal in mind was key to their success in the examination.
“Working hard, believing in yourself and not doubting yourself is the best formula for success,” said Davani.
On leaving their school days behind, they all looked back at the memories they have made. “We all have those special moments we will always remember about high school,” said Simone.
Credit was given to their acting principal, Mr RF Muthen for always pushing them forward.
“We were always being told by Mr Muthen to work hard to achieve our best,” said Simone.
The pupils agreed Belverton Secondary will always remain their second home.
“We are a family here at school and we will carry that forward as we begin the adventure of our lives,” said Simone.

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