Benny Maistry visits former school

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Retired principal, Benny Maistry, with Redfern Primary School principal, Dr R Singh.

Hopeville Primary School principal, Benny Maistry, visited Redfern Primary School, one of the schools he taught at during his 40 years of service, last Monday.
Maistry started his career at Dalesview Secondary School before moving to Redfern Primary School.
Having spent six years contributing his expertise and knowledge at Redfern Primary School, Maistry returned to bid farewell to his former colleagues and pupils whose lives he had touched.

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“Redfern Primary School gave me the foundation which I built on. Today, I am proud to say that I was a principal of a school. I would like to thank Redfern Primary for being part of my life. The school will forever be inscribed in my heart,”Maistry said.
He went on to reveal how impressed he is about the progress the school has made. “Redfern Primary School has been transformed from what it was to what it is,” Maistry said.
Friday, January 31, 2019 marked the last day of his service.
Maistry wished the current principal, Dr R Singh, the staff and management of Redfern Primary School well in continuing the great work at the school.
Maistry plans to spend time with his family while continuing to volunteer his 40 years of knowledge and expertise.


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