Bhekimpilo founder encourages children to celebrate their culture

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Phoenix Durban

Children at the Bhekimpilo Day Care Centre embrace their culture and heritage.

The Bhekimpilo Day Care Centre in Waterloo joined the rest of the country in celebrating Heritage Month, last Friday.
Attired in their Zulu traditional clothing, the pupils recited poems, sang traditional Zulu songs and showed off their killer dance moves.
Thembi Skhakhane, founder of Bhekimpilo Day Care Centre, together with her dedicated teachers saw the need of educating the children about Heritage Day.
Skhakhane, who started her day care centre in her home in 2002 with five children, encourages the children to celebrate their culture, diversity and their traditions.
Skhakhane has over 80 children under her care at a nearby facility and hopes that the young children at the Bhekimpilo Day Care Centre will always remember their heritage in this fast-paced world that they are living in.
“I am grateful that I have been blessed to be a good influence on these young ones. My hope and prayer is that each and every thing that I impart to them, while they are under my care, they will not turn away from or even forget when they are older. Today, we are commemorating King Shaka and our forefathers who left us a legacy that we have to carry on,” Skhankhane expressed.

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Thembi’s daughter, Nobuhle Dladla, also took part in preparing for this historic day.
“I saw a need to be part of this day. I saw it as a responsibility to be part of this day. I took it upon myself to instill knowledge of knowing that without knowing where we come from we can never know where we are going,” Dladla said.
“With our rich history dwindling, our youngsters should never forget who they are in this modern and westernised world,” she added.
Umngqusho, imifino and amadumbe were among the many traditional Zulu foods that were cooked on that day.
Lisa Campose of the People Investing in the Needs of Communities was also in attendance. Campose saw the growth of the centre from five to 80 children.
“The overall turn out of the event was wonderful. This day has established greater unity in this community,” Campose said.


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