Body of a woman was found in the corner of an open plot on…

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Body of a woman was found in the corner of an open plot on corner Heideveld rd & 4th str . near Touch Gold Caltex Service Station, Police and family of victim was on scene at about 01:30 this morning Saturday 9th.
The estimated age of the lady to be 45-50 thought to be from Manemberg , was seen “scurreling” around the area on Tuesday , Friday she was found on the open lot. She was laying face down and under some over grown weeds grasses near a bush. The neighbours alerted the NHW members in the area and they alerted the police. Neighbours thought she was just sleeping but the next day still laying in the same position.
Police is investigating the incident.

Condolences to her family, may her dear soul rest in peace Amen

In 5th Str n 3 Avn. Between Vanguard Estate & Vanguard Village, There was a gang fight between about 8 guys fighting with each other, one came to the first turn in to Vanguard Village while the others were carrying on , could be a robbery too, The street lights were off . The resident had to reverse and went down 1st Avn. They got a Surrey Estate Patrol vehicle in Graniet rd and informed them of the incident. This was at 01:30am
Saturday 9th


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