*BOLO* *BOLO* for a bottle green Mini Cooper JCW, used in the commission of…

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*BOLO* *BOLO* for a bottle green Mini Cooper JCW, used in the commission of…


? *BOLO* ?

*BOLO* for a bottle green Mini Cooper JCW, used in the commission of various crimes in the greater Durban region, including wanted for Trio Crimes.

*MAKE/MODEL* : 2016 Mini Cooper JCW with red racing stripes
*COLOUR* : Bottle Green
*REGISTRATION/S* : NUR57046/CA813127
*OCCUPANTS* : 5x BMs, all armed
*AREAS* : Musgrave/Verulam/West Riding/Berea

*IDENTIFIERS* : The MV has red racing stripes and a red roof. The NUR57046 plates being used are cloned from a similar MV, so ignore if this reg is on a grey Mini Countryman. The suspects are heavily armed.


*INCIDENT 1* – *(30/12/2018) : Musgrave* – Around 2:30pm today, a bottle green Mini Cooper was stolen in a house robbery on Musgrave Road.
Firearms and jewellery appear to be some of the items taken. Vehicle is a company car with CA registration. Not fitted.

*INCIDENT 2* – *(03/01/2018) : Gillits* – At 5.45 am there was a business robbery in Gillitts. The vehicle was described as a green Mini Cooper with red roof. Unfortunately no reg no was noted.

*INCIDENT 3* – *(04/01/2018) : Verulam* – Mini Cooper was used in an armed robbery in Verulam. Plates have been changed from CA to NUR.

*INCIDENT 4* – *(06/01/2018) : West Riding, Upper Highway* – House Robbery occurred in Westriding, Upper Highway, David Road. A domestic worker was attacked. Various items including a flat screen TV were taken.
5x BM suspects arrived in a dark coloured Mini Cooper. One suspect was wearing a navy golfer shirt with PRASA written on it. Reg unknown. Direction Elizabeth Road.

*INCIDENT 5* – *(06/01/2018) : Glenmore, Umbilo* – The Mini was used in a home invasion in Glenmore. D1 received a phone call from Mr *** informing that he had received a call from client of above physical Mrs *** informing him that she had received a call from her daughter whom was on-site whom locked herself in a wardrobe advising her that she had seen suspects armed with a firearm inside the house.
On arrival of D1 he met with client outside whom also arrived home at the same time informing him that her husband and mom and daughter were at home, CPO upon conducting a check located client daughter in her room in the wardrobe, unharmed and also her husband whom was in his studio downstairs unaware of the break in and her mom whom.was still asleep in her room upstairs and was also unaware of the break in.
Suspects forced open the internal garage pedestrian door and entered as the main entrance to garage does not have a door, so far can see taken are 3 tv’s , a laptop and a camera and also the client husband BMW x3 registration ND336314 white in colour not fitted, Umbilo SAP attended, SGT Hadebe no crisis care required at this stage, no shots fired and no injuries.

1. 30/01/2019
2. 247/12/2018

As Received

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