Brave heroes save man from electricity pylon – Krugersdorp News

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Brave heroes save man from electricity pylon – Krugersdorp News

Phoenix Durban

Morné van Heerden and the rescued man on the way back to the ground.

The heroic members of Mogale City’s Emergency Services have once again put their own lives on the line to save another.
They received a call about a mentally disturbed man who had climbed to the top of an Eskom high voltage power line near Brandvlei on the N14.
“The man was on top of the pylon for two hours and the possibility that he could fall off as a result of the wind or fatigue was very high,” explained Gerhardt Nieuwoudt, the Regional Commander of Mogale City’s Emergency Services.
He said that after the power to the lines was switched off by Eskom, the rescuers could start working on their plan to get the man down.
The team that worked together to rescue the man.
Two of Mogale City’s rescue officials, Levy Nkenke and Morné van Heerden started to climb the pylon to reach the man.
“They calmed the unknown man down and slowly got him into a rescue harness and secured him to the structure,” said Nieuwoudt.

While they were busy with the man, the crew at the bottom was busy setting up a belay system, and once Van Heerden had attached the victim to himself, the crew slowly lowered them both to the ground.
Ready to go down.
The man was then taken to Leratong Hospital by provincial ambulance, where he was placed under observation.
Nkenke then made a safe descent, and as Nieuwoudt said, “The team saved another life”.
Nieuwoudt explained that these rescues are very difficult and dangerous, and the rescuers have to stay attached to the structure at all times.
The two rescuers start their climb to the top.
“Ensuring that the victim doesn’t panic and fall down is also vital to making the rescue a success,” he added.

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