BREAKING NEWS: Eastwood underworld boss, Shane Patchay, killed in hit | Maritzburg Sun

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Phoenix Durban

Shane Patchay was murdered at his Eastwood home last night.

The killing occurred just after 9pm, when Patchay returned to his home at Patry’s Road, after attending a soccer training session with his team “Re-United”. Still in his track pants he alighted his vehicle, leaving the engine running, while he went to open the gate. Four men confronted him and shot him outside his home. Patchay desperately tried to escape by running towards his neighbour’s home but fell and the gunmen then finished the job.
According to a neighbour, the men then fled down a nearby lane to Pikkewyn Street, where a getaway car was waiting.
“We heard several gunshots and when we came outside we saw Shane lying on the floor. I checked his pulse but it was too late, he was dead already,” said the neighbour.
Patchay rose to prominence in the 1990s as a heavy-man for the notorious Eastwood gang, the Cash Money Brothers.
Patchay’s feared reputation led to his recruitment as a bodyguard for Richmond warlord Sifiso Nkabinde and persistent allegations linking him to several murders and massacres that rocked the region during the mid 1990s in the aftermath of Nkabinde being expelled from the ANC for being an apartheid spy. Over 1200 lives were lost during the period of violent conflict between the UDM and the ANC.

Patchay was directly linked to the July 1997 murder of five ANC members including two councillors Bhekumuzi Mchunu and Aphas Mchunu who were gunned down execution style in Smozomeni. The attackers used an AK47, R4 and R5 rifles. The attack was apparently planned at a shop next to Nkabinde’s house with Patchay being fingered as one of the conspirators involved.
In 1997 Nkabinde was arrested and charged with 16 counts of murder. A year later he was acquitted. As a reprisal for his arrest, eight people were shot dead in what was then dubbed the Tavern Massacre.
In January 1999 Nkabinde was assassinated and in another revenge attack 11 members of the ANC supporting Ndabezitha family were shot dead.
Patchay was linked to both gun and drug running in Richmond and the surrounding violence-wrecked townships of Ndaleni and Magoda.
Patchay was also known for his passion for local football having been a long-standing coach of Reunited football club.  The club is part of the SAB amateur league.  One of the club’s players, Steven “Scara” Tony (28) said he was shocked by his mentor’s brutal killing. He described Patchay as a father-figure who gave generously of his time.
“He would even dig deep in his pockets to make sure that we got what we needed for our soccer” saying he doubted the team would play in this year’s Easter Tournament.
“I doubt we would even be playing in this tournament this year. We have been dealt a heavy blow,” said Tony.
Outside the home of Shane Patchay where he was murdered last night.


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