BREAKING NEWS: Horrific child abuse at West Rand creche – Teacher out on bail…

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BREAKING NEWS: Horrific child abuse at West Rand creche – Teacher out on bail
BREAKING NEWS: SAPS Gauteng confirms child abuse incident at créche near Randfontein that shocked the country.
18 mins ago

The Herald can confirm that a shocking case of child abuse took place approximately a week ago at a creche in Carletonville that is so horrific that not even the police nor those high up in the Department of Education could finish watching the video footage.

On Thursday, 4 April, videos on social media showed at least two children being abused verbally and physically. In one of the videos, a girl is asked why she had vomited and can be seen cleaning a table where she had apparently vomited – she is then suddenly slapped several times.

The videos have since gone viral and sparked outrage in various communities.

Brigadier Mathapelo Pieters, Provincial Head of Communications for the Gauteng Police, has confirmed to the Herald that a woman has since been arrested for assault of a minor.

“I can confirm the incident at a creche in Carletonville and that a woman has been arrested on a charge of assault on a minor. She has already appeared in court and was released on bail. She will make her next appearance in court on 7 May.”

Even Pieters said the video was “hard to watch” and that they are continuing their investigation.

Lynne Cawood, Director of ChildLine Gauteng added, “Any form of physical violence against children is atrocious. These are little people who don’t have the mental and physical capability to stand up to the offender.

“For an Early Childhood Development centre or teacher or caregiver to betray the trust of the parents – at work and trying to earn a living while they think their kids are safe – is shocking.”

Cawood has since advised the Herald to approach the Department of Social Development as they have a specialised unit who can investigate the circumstances and have the power to close the school down.

She added, “If you are concerned about your children’s care, you can phone us and we will do our very best to escalate the matter to the Department of Social Development.”

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5 comments on “BREAKING NEWS: Horrific child abuse at West Rand creche – Teacher out on bail…

  1. Why does someone have to film these sick events before action is taken why doesnt the managment keep an eye on the ussless staff they employ . Close the dam crech and punish the whole managment

  2. Disgusting and I can’t believe no one knew this was happening and that this only happened once, that staff member must be charged and locked up as she’ll just repeat that behavior elsewhere.

  3. Our justice system is amazing……if it’s linked to racism, no bail, yet children were abused, her abuse could’ve caused severe damage to the children, physically and mentally, but she got bail…..
    makes one wonder

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