Brexit: What just happened and what happens next? – BBC News

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Brexit: What just happened and what happens next? – BBC News

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Another day, one other serious 2nd for Brexit.

On Tuesday evening, British MPs voted on what they’re attempting to get out of the deal to head away the European Union.

It couldn’t be obvious what just correct happened in the British parliament, so we tried to point all of it right here.

The UK will streak away the European Union on 29 March but British MPs aloof can’t agree how.

Prime Minister Theresa May perhaps presumably well also is desperate for them to aid a deal she struck and on Tuesday, they purchased the likelihood to create their grasp proposals for how the deal must aloof scrutinize.

Most proposals did now not get the strengthen of the wide majority of MPs, but a key one did.

This modification manner Mrs May perhaps presumably well also has to attain aid to the EU and test out to barter a brand unusual deal (to sort out what extra or less border there’ll seemingly be with Eire).

The topic? The EU says it already negotiated a deal, and couldn’t attain so all all over again.

What’s the background?

There are most effective two months to head till Brexit and the British executive aloof hasn’t determined on what phrases it would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps presumably aloof streak away the European Union.

Tuesday’s occasions likelihood muddling the job even extra.

Let’s rewind to November 2018, when it regarded treasure predominant progress had been made.

Within the two years after 52% of voters acknowledged they wished the UK to head away, the British executive and the EU grasp been locked in negotiations on the phrases of Brexit.

Then, in November, Mrs May perhaps presumably well also and EU leaders lastly agreed a deal, and he or she acknowledged the British public did now not “are attempting to employ from now on time arguing about Brexit”.

The deal had to be favorite by the British parliament, but it undoubtedly used to be a now not easy sell to a pair individuals of her grasp Conservative celebration (extra on that below), and in explain that they rejected it two weeks previously in indubitably a number of the ideal defeats a executive has seen.

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Your manual to Brexit jargon

What happened on Tuesday?

MPs at some stage in all occasions had of enterprise to indicate amendments to her deal, and vote on these too.

Within the pause, MPs grasp been allowed to vote on seven amendments, most of which did now not streak.

However two of them did streak:

1) Renegotiate the Irish border

The deal Mrs May perhaps presumably well also struck in Brussels ensured that there would now not be a “laborious border” between Eire and Northern Eire. This measure is named the backstop.

This is the most fundamental role that has a border between the UK and the EU. No “laborious border” would imply that goods would aloof be ready to horrible the border without tests.

However this prospect has long gone down badly with the influential hardline Brexit supporters in Mrs May perhaps presumably well also’s Conservative Occasion who need a neat fracture with Europe.

On Tuesday, a majority of MPs acknowledged they now wished a unusual deal, one which made adjustments to the backstop.

This is considerable less complicated acknowledged than finished.

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Media captionAt a loss for phrases by Brexit jargon? Actuality Check unpacks the basics

2) Shield faraway from ‘no deal’

A majority of MPs also backed one other modification that rejected the UK leaving the EU without a deal (we indicate why “no deal” worries folks a exiguous bit later).

On the least now we know the build most MPs stand on this field, but it undoubtedly would now not undoubtedly trade anything: it’s now not as even though they’ve suggested how they hope to steer clear of leaving without a deal.

Nor is this transfer legally binding: a no-deal Brexit could presumably aloof happen.

What occurs next?

Who knows?

In theory, Theresa May perhaps presumably well also now has a mandate to question of the EU for unusual talks on the backstop.

The anxiousness is the EU would now not are attempting to, and would now not locate any motive it would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps presumably aloof (our Europe editor Katya Adler has extra detail on that right here). It says the whole backstop field has already been dealt with.

Eire, an EU member, would now not want any trade to the backstop deal both.

So if the EU would now not are attempting to reopen negotiations, and the British parliament can’t rep a compromise, what occurs?

We’d be facing a “laborious Brexit”: the UK would fracture out of the EU on 29 March without a deal.

This means the UK would streak away , without a transition.

There are genuine concerns over the hurt a “no deal” could presumably attain: it would possibly perhaps perhaps perhaps presumably motive delays in bringing meals and provides into the UK, and the trace of some goods in British outlets could presumably shoot up.

Undergo in thoughts that the EU now also knows that a majority of British MPs invent now not want “no deal” to happen. This would possibly perhaps presumably toughen their hand in any purely hypothetical negotiations which can perhaps presumably bewitch role.

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