Buffelsdraai bestiality suspect caught red-handing previously

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Buffelsdraai bestiality suspect caught red-handing previously

Phoenix Durban

Reaction Unit South Africa responded to the scene.

A man, who was captured after he was allegedly found having sex with a female pet cat in the Buffelsdraai area on Friday, was reportedly caught red-handed having sex with a dog and other cats in the area previously as well.
It is believed that the matter was not initially reported as the suspect’s live-in girlfriend had pleaded for forgiveness.
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The suspect was arrested by Reaction Unit South Africa and thereafter handed over to the local police force, who are investigating further.
On the day of the gruesome crime, the RUSA operations centre received a call from a woman, who informed the controller on duty that her neighbour was having sex with her pet cat.

“The woman had walked to his residence to investigate the screams of her pet when she found the naked man holding the cat by her rear legs and penetrating the animal,” a report stated.
Reaction officers arrived at the residence and was met by the woman, who informed them that she wanted the man removed from her premises.
Officers entered the home and found the man dressing. His pants was covered in cat hair.
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The man was removed from the property after the neighbors voiced their concerns for the safety of the children living in the vicinity.
Reaction officers located the cat and found that the animal suffered injuries. The SPCA were contacted and assistance was dispatched.
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