Bumbling burglar behind bars | Westside Eldos

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Bumbling burglar behind bars | Westside Eldos

Eldorado park Johannesburg

The Eldorado Park police communications officer, Constable Khobo warned residents that robberies and house break-ins were still very prevalent within the community and that it was incumbent upon homeowners to ensure that their house was well-protected.
“On February 4, in the early hours of the morning, a 23-year-old man was arrested for robbery in Milnerton Street, Extension Four. It is alleged that the robbery occurred after the victim left home on his way to work when.
“According to the victim, the knife-wielding robber searched his person while brandishing a knife. He was robbed of his wallet, an umbrella, cellphone and an undisclosed sum of cash. A witness came forward and pointed out the robber who was immediately arrested,” said Khobo.
In another incident, a 32-year-old man was arrested on house-breaking charges in Ascot Street, Old Eldos.
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Khobo said, “It is alleged by the complainant that he left home leaving all his doors and windows properly secured. On his return, he discovered that his house had been burgled. A number of items, including a Samsung TV, computer and meat were taken.”
She added that the burglar was apprehended following police reaction to an anonymous tip-off. The man was carted off to the Eldorado Park Police Station holding cells and will be facing a charge of house-breaking.
Khobo said that with the communities cooperation, crime will eventually be dealt a decisive blow in Eldorado Park.
She said, “We need more witnesses to come forward and tell the police what they saw and when. That way we will ensure that suspects are detained and dealt with accordingly.”
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