Cape Town soup kitchen turned into Bok fan lounge for homeless

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About 130 homeless people and 30 volunteers watched the Springboks beat England at a special event laid on for them at the Ladles of Love soup kitchen in Cape Town on Saturday. 

“There was a crowd of us watching the semifinal last week and after we just scraped through, we were all just taking a breather and then realised that the final was going to be shown during our Saturday kitchen,” said Ladles of Love founder Danny Diliberto.

“It was at that moment that we realised we had to watch the game with our homeless guests.”

Hilary and Bernard Stern pulled out all the stops and sponsored five big screen TVs and 150 chairs. 

“And what excitement there was among our guests and volunteers. 

“It was beautiful to watch those who have and those who don’t have come together with no barriers and love each other as human beings. Couldn’t have asked for a more successful day,” said Diliberto.

This was a brief respite from the hardship of life on the street, which controversially included fines for violations of various by-laws. 

A court case following an uproar over this is due to be heard soon. 

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The Ladles of Love has soup kitchens at the Hope Exchange in Roeland Street near Parliament on Tuesday at 17:30 and Saturday at noon; at the Culemborg Safe Space on Nelson Mandela Boulevard on the Foreshore on Wednesday at 17:30 and on Thursday at The Haven night shelter in Napier Street, Green Point, also at 17:30. 

It provides nutritious meals at schools, and in addition to conventional fundraising, they also facilitate R10-a-meal sponsorships via a link that can be added to people’s birthday party invites to donate to the organisation, as well as for sponsorship for special events and races.

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