Carjacking prevention tips that may save your life

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Carjacking prevention tips that may save your life

Phoenix Durban

Phoenix SAPS have issued a stern warning to drivers to be aware of carjackings in the Phoenix area.
“It has become apparent that most carjackings seem to occur at night when people are sitting in their vehicles or picking someone up,” said Cpt L Naidoo, Phoenix SAPS communications officer.
Residents are urged to keep in mind the following tips that can help to curb hijackings in the area:
Be constantly on the lookout for suspicious characters.
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Do not chat on the cellphone while driving, especially at night.
Always alternate your routes and travel schedules to and from work.
Never pick up hitchhikers.
Be familiar with your environment.
Do not sit in your vehicle at night as this attracts criminals.

Lock all your doors and windows before driving off.
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Never leave keys in the ignition when jumping out of the car to open the gate.
Do not park your vehicle in deserted parking areas.
“These are safety tips which need to be adhered to, as criminals, especially hijackers, are professionals, who plan their attacks. Be careful and secure your valuables to lessen your risk of becoming a statistic,” said Cpt Naidoo.
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