Carmen keeps her joy of life despite critics | Lowvelder

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Carmen keeps her joy of life despite critics | Lowvelder

Phoenix Durban

MBOMBELA – A terminally ill woman put the fulfilment of her bucket list on hold following immense backlash by the community.
Terminale kankerlyer wil lewe ten volle geniet
This follows after Lowvelder recently reported what was meant to be a heart-warming story of Carmen Brown’s last months on Earth.
She was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer in 2014. After chemo, radiation and a mastectomy, she was in remission for six months. At her six-month check-up they found cancer cells under her arm and in her lymph nodes. This prompted three more rounds of chemo and another operation in October 2018.
With weekly draining of fluids, a nurse accidentally punctured her lung, resulting in her being admitted to a local government hospital with a collapsed lung. Carmen was there for two weeks to recover.
In February, they informed her that the cancer cells were getting bigger, more aggressive and were now stage four.
The doctor told her that the cancer had spread to her back, chest, arm and bones and told her that there was nothing more they can do except offer more chemo for pain relief.
Carmen is an amazingly strong and inspiring woman, a single mother of a bright young son (15), working up to three jobs providing for him and putting herself last, resulting in not having a medical aid before she was diagnosed with cancer,” said her friend, Sarah Carmichael who created Carmen’s bucket list, “before she becomes an angel herself”.

A strong negative reaction by a large number of people followed and Lowvelder, as well as Carmen herself, got flak from far and wide. The newspaper had previously reported on serious matters in which she was allegedly involved, which she now refers to as her previous life. “I understand why this raised questions,” she told Lowvelder during a recent interview. She brought along proof of her illness after distrust from the community reared its ugly head.
Carmen was never found guilty of any crime, but faced charges of assault with the intent to cause grievous bodily harm as well as attempted murder in two separate incidents in 2013. It took cancer to bring me to pick up the pieces of a life ridden with stupid decisions. Being in the wrong crowd broke my life,” she told the newspaper.
Instead of being a victim of cancer, she has found a renewed enjoyment in, enthusiasm for, and appreciation of her life over the past six years.
Before cancer, she and her brother Allan hardly spoke. During the past six years they have buried the hatchet and made new memories. He will take over custody of her son when she departs this life.
“But I will continue living life until my body gives in.”
She added that she has also received immense support from the community and it outweighed the criticisms.
Contact Carmichael on 079-755-3655 to get involved.

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