CCTV footage allegedly shows Phoenix triple murder accused disposing of knife | Phoenix Sun

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CCTV footage allegedly shows Phoenix triple murder accused disposing of knife | Phoenix Sun

Phoenix Durban

Triple murder accused, Colin Pillay.

During his most recent court appearance, Phoenix triple murder accused, Colin Pillay, pleaded not guilty to the brutal murders of Jane Govindsamy (46) and her two daughters, Denisha (22) and Nikita (16). The 46-year-old tow-truck driver faces three counts of murder.
The victims bodies were discovered by husband and father, Sagren Govindsamy, in their Longcroft home.
In a statement read out by his legal aid attorney, Amanda Hulley, Pilllay claimed he was in a love relationship for nine years with Jane and knew she was married.
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The court heard that on the day of the incident, he was gambling at the Extreme Game Shop in Longbury from 6pm.
At 8pm, he allegedly left the shop to buy plasters and a coke at a garage in the area.
The plasters were for injuries he sustained working as a tow truck driver. Pillay then allegedly went back to the shop for an hour before going to his brother’s home in unit 20.
He claimed they spent the rest of the night and early parts of the morning fishing. When he returned from fishing, he booked into a camp lodge, where he was later picked up by police.
The victims, Nikita, Denisha and Jane Govindsamy, who were brutally killed in their home.

In the statement, Pillay claimed police put a plastic over his head and assaulted him on the way to the Phoenix police station. Pillay further stated that he was then charged and detained.

State prosecutor, Sheryl Naidu, however, described the murders as planned and pre-meditated.

Naidu told the court that they were in possession of CCTV footage showing Pillay discarding what looks like a knife. She added that there was forensic DNA evidence linking the accused to the offences.
According to indictments, Pillay claimed he was involved in an extra-marital affair with Jane and found out that she was seeing another person, which is when he decided to kill her.
Sagren, the husband and father of the victims, began his testimony by telling the court his relationship with his wife was sound at the time of the murders. He is hoping justice will prevail.
“There must be no sympathy for the way he took my family’s life. I just want justice to be done,” said Govindsamy.
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Hulley, Pillay’s attorney, questioned Sagren on his relationship with his wife. She asked him whether he had been having an affair of his own. He denied this, saying he had only been texting another woman and that his wife confronted her over it.
Hulley then said Nikita had told someone her parents had been fighting days before the murders. Govindasamy again denied the allegation. The case continues.
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