Chanisse launches yet another book

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Chanisse Kara, a self-published author of ’13 hours to Baghdad’ launched her book in Ballito, last Thursday.

Chanisse Kara, a self-published author, launched her latest book titled ‘13 hours to Baghdad’, in Ballito, last Thursday.
The 31-year-old author was bitten by the writing bug right after she matriculated, which led to a thriving career in the literary world.
The author to The Chronicles of Omen Swift Fantasy Series has successfully published more than five books to her name.
Consan-genuity, Omen Swift four brother’s Grime Book 1, Omen Swift the Last Three Prophets: Book 2, Omen Swift the Star Night Guardians: The Chronicles of Omen Swift Book 3, Omen Swift The Loch Ness Sea Scrolls (The Chronicles of Omen Swift Book 4), Riding Wolf, The Pyramid Scheme and No. 28 Rusher Street: The 28 Rushers Series are some of her literary works.
Among her other accolades, Kara has also written screen plays to a Christmas TV commercial and turned her latest book ‘13 hours to Baghdad’ into a script.
The speculative fiction author’s The Chronicles of Omen Swift series is based on the nature controlling wiccans and the gypsies and illusionists who reside in Paris with roman church cathedrals and Wiccan religion as the backdrop of the fantasy series.

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Being the perfectionist she is, Kara revealed that the writing process of her latest book took about four years to complete.
“It took me six months up to a year, but I was not happy with it. So I made more changes to the book until I was fully happy with the book in 2014 after starting it in 2010,” Kara said.
Having left her job as a call centre agent in Gauteng, Kara pursued her calling as writer and earned over 3000 downloads for all the books she had written during her teen years up till now.
“I was in and out of jobs and I finally realised that this was not for me,” Kara explained.
Being the humble soul that she is, Kara shied away from the fact that the 3000 downloads for her books were from readers in different countries.
Opening up about her latest book, Kara divulged that her latest book is Durban-based.
“The readers will be able to relate to the characters in the book. The book addresses issues like the unemployment, the water crisis and the fraud and corruption that happens in the call centre sales industry,” Kara said.
She went on to encourage upcoming authors to be creative and be day dreamers.
“You do not have to be a master of the English Language in order to write a book. “While it may be true to be a master of the English Language, but for a fiction writer like me, one should have the ability to be creative and a day dreamer,” Kara said.
‘13 Hours to Baghdad’ is available across a variety of book stores South Africa. “You can find ‘13 hours to Baghdad’ at Exclusive Books in Gateway and in Bargain Books Balito,” Kara said.

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