Child Trafficking in Phoenix. Read as mum prevents child from being kidnapped. Guys please…

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Phoenix Durban

Child Trafficking in Phoenix.
Read as mum prevents child from being kidnapped.

Guys please read and share….This whole week I was reading about human trafficking and kids getting kidnapped. On my way home I saw 2 black guys in a powder blue Toyota the old type cars if I remember clearly (ND 48042) calling a 8yr old black Kid from lenham primary to get into their guy. I thought it was rather suspicious as I saw the kid run into a house. I waited until they drove off as I had spoilt their plans. The kid ran up to my car I asked him if he knew them he replied no and they were calling him telling him it is raining and he must come sit in their car. Just thank God he never go!!! I asked him for his mother’s cell number and tried calling her over 10 times with no answer…. Those guys came back and drove down towards Westham Dr. I drove to the Shell Garage and called the police and VIP. The kid told he saw another child in that same car and the other kids hand was bound. This kid also showed me how the child’s hands were tied… My prayer goes out to that other kid???
Thank God the kids actual transport came looking for him. Please advise all parents who’s kids wait outside their schools playing on road side to educate their kids to stay near the school guards. I see these kids all the time playing near the road side and my heart goes to them. I hope all security companies can team up and have one patrol vechile outside all schools for their kids safety. My mind Just keeps on telling me Thank God I was there at the right time and never ignore what was happening around me. I have kids as well. Spread the news and educate our kids.
This was sent by a Phoenix resident.

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5 comments on “Child Trafficking in Phoenix. Read as mum prevents child from being kidnapped. Guys please…

  1. I don’t know how relevant this is .. or if I am just blowing hot air due to paranoia – but I am just gona leave this here so ppl r aware … I take a taxi near the Primary School in unit 9 in the mornings well before school starts and there was silver VW (ND410840) that had 3 maybe 4 occupants (I only saw 2 of the African males) one jumped out to relieve himself on the side if the road and the other was standing at the corner of Princevale and Longbury. this car was stationery for the whole 20min, so I assumed there was someone waiting for their transport. After a while the male at the corner who was asking random ppl how to get to manpower suddenly walked up to this car and they drove off … all windows tinted… then I noticed the driver as his window was half open.. I didn’t wana be scared nor scare anyone.. as I have kids in school as well..but ppl need to be alert… I trust the schools are taking measure sto protect our kids… as we are not there at these times.

  2. I think the school should take extra caution and contact the police to be in the area during school hours ,and also we as parent educate our kids on this issue,may God protect our kids from these sick ppl

  3. Oh god here we go again.Concerned citizens r warning us as parents about the safety of our kids & u get people like u telling us about sangomas and mama Thandy,whats it got to do with this topic?Some people,I give up seriously

  4. Schools should do n after care for kids until they fetched by their parents or transport… Camera should be installed in schools n monitored when kids start to come Inn. Leave. Breaks etc… Hope schools that can afford it do so n schools that cannot get grants to be Don so… Kids of this nation is the future of it faith… Those traffickers that get caught by the community should be executed by the community. Because police investigations take forever

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