Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints to ‘light the world’

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Phoenix Durban

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints recently launched a global Christmas initiative called ‘Light the World’.
The Light the World campaign encourages people around the world to serve others during the holiday season. This initiative was officially launched three years ago and runs from the start to the end of December every year.
Russell M Nelson extends his invitation to everyone and quoted the late president, Nelson Mandela, “We should turn our focus from how can I serve to whom can I serve.”
With each week in December, there are themes that guide participants on how to serve.
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In the first week of December, participants were encouraged to serve those in need around the world. Serving those in need included smiling at people, writing thank you notes, forgiving a debt, giving someone a hug, visiting a friend in hospital, phoning an old friend and helping someone change a flat tyre.
In the course of the second week, participants will focus on serving in their own communities through organising a food drive, donating blood, inviting someone who may be lonely over for dinner, cleaning up a local park, sharing talents, visiting an orphanage and reading to children.
Families are the theme for the third week of December.
Participants are encouraged to show love and appreciation for their families by calling their parents, having a family prayer, spending one-on-one time with children, refraining from using unkind words, making new family memories and organising family gatherings.
The theme for the fourth and final week includes being an answer to someone’s prayer, bearing your testimony, fasting for someone in need, counting your blessings, learning about your ancestors and reading the scriptures daily.
Participants of this initiative can share their experiences on social media using the hashtag #LightTheWorld.


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