Class of 2018 ready to take on the world

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Phoenix Durban

Chief firefighter, Kaelin Short, is ready to fight fires and save those in need.

Little people with big dreams, the class of 2018 is ready for the world. The Little Angels Club in Metcalfe recently hosted a career day.
Playschool headmistress, Ranhika Brijnath, said the idea behind career day was to stimulate their curiosity.
“Preschool children are inquisitive and curious about the world around them. An activity like career day is not only stimulating and fun but also teaches them about different jobs and how each one plays a role in our community,” she said.
“It also added excitement to their school day. It also allows for learning and exposure to various life experiences,” she said.
Some of the feisty four-year-olds were eager and ready to start serving their community. Jaiden Pillay wants to serve and protect citizens as a police officer, while Aariya Govender wants to be a doctor so she can give everyone a lollipop because she feels sorry for giving them injections.

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Enzobuhle wants to be just like his teacher and Kaelin Short is going to be putting out fires and saving people as a firefighter.
Maheera Gounden envisions a life as a designer to the famous, while Talia Reddy wants to make the world better through medicine.
Brijnath encourages parents to believe in their children.
“Do not discourage and allow them to believe their dreams are unrealistic. You are their greatest supporters so encourage their dreams and they will achieve it,” she said.
Brijnath continues to believe in her tiny tots.
“Keep on dreaming big and grow up to become whoever you wish to be. If you don’t succeed the first time, try again and keep trying because practice makes perfect,” she said.


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