Cllr Jonathan Annipen changes his community one issue at a time

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Cllr Jonathan Annipen changes his community one issue at a time

Phoenix Durban

Cllr Jonathan Annipen was garlanded at a Diwali function in the Pietermaritzburg region by Mr Sanjay Sewduth.

Cllr Jonathan Annipen of the Minority Front (MF) has described himself as a passionate leader with keen interest in developing communities.
Cllr Annipen, a former teacher, was born and bred in Phoenix. The MF councillor started his schooling career in Phoenix Pioneer Primary School and then attended Dalesview Secondary School.
Cllr Annipen went on to pursue a career in teaching, where he taught at several schools around KwaZulu-Natal. The family orientated man ended up leaving teaching to touch more lives outside of the classroom.
“Growing up in the midst of poverty, my desire to help those in my community grew. I wanted to eradicate poverty, racism, injustice and discrimination,” Cllr Annipen said.
The community activist started his journey in the Minority Front as a volunteer in 2012. He was then employed as an admin assistant in January 2013, before being appointed as a youth leader in March 2013.
Having been delegated as a member of the party’s National Executive Committee in December 2013, Cllr Annipen contested his first election in February 2014, where was appointed as the party’s spokesman.
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“I was elected as a PR councillor in 2016, re-elected as a member of the Minority Front’s NEC in February 2018 and as the secretary General in 2018,” Cllr Annipen revealed.
He prides himself in having assisted hundreds of people in his community.
“I have tackled issues relating to ill patients waiting in long queues at hospitals and clinics. I have also dealt with issues in the Department of Health that had to do with the shortage of medication and cases of negligence,” Cllr Annipen said.
The Minority Front councillor has also devoted himself to facilitating fees exemptions in schools, assisting pupils in need of school uniforms and stationery, and lending a helping hand to schools faced with arrears.
Cllr Annipen has never limited his help to others, he has continued to pledge himself to being of service to those in the process of grant applications and has become an advocate for housing the poor.
“I got involved with the local government concerning the cutting of the grass, ceasing disconnections, facilitating reconnections and adjusting utility bills and rates rebates,” Cllr Annipen explained.
Cllr Annipen is currently serving in the Phoenix, Chatsworth, Verulam, Tongaat, Isipingo, Newlands, Cato Manor, Springfield and Asherville areas.

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