Coligny ‘sunflower killers’ granted bail ahead of Supreme Court appeal

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AfriForum released a statement where it quoted Pieter Karsten, Doorewaard’s uncle following the court’s decision to grant the two men bail.

Karsten said: “We are extremely relieved and grateful. There is no way that the darkness of a lie will overshadow the light of truth. We believe and we will continue to believe.”

Meanwhile, Kallie Kriel, AfriForum CEO, maintained they believed in the pairs’ innocence.

“We know the men are innocent and they do not deserve to be in prison for a day longer. They have been in detention for 13 months and it is thirteen months too long,” he said.

He said AfriForum would continue to pay the legal costs for the appeal process.

Schutte and Doorewaard had been found guilty of the crime October 2018, where their bail was revoked.

It was only in March 2019 where they were handed their sentences of 23 and 18 years in jail respectively.

Delivering his judgment at the time, Hendricks had said the actions of the two men who killed Mosweu were a “disgrace” and “appalling”.

Mosweu was killed after being accused of stealing sunflowers, although it was unclear how many of them there were or what their value was.

The judge said on the version of the sole witness in the case, Bonakele Pakisi, a gunshot was heard at the sunflower field.

Schutte emerged in a bakkie, while Doorewaard was on a quad bike.

“You picked up the deceased from the van and threw him on the ground. It was not necessary. If you wanted action to be taken against him, you could have used other methods for him to be apprehended,” said Hendricks.

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