Communication and love key to couple’s long-lasting marriage

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Communication and love key to couple’s long-lasting marriage

Phoenix Durban

Mr and Mrs Govender celebrated their 45th anniversary, recently.

Logan and Yanun Govender celebrated their 45th anniversary, recently.
Although Logan and Yanun’s marriage was an arranged one, Logan expressed that he knew without a doubt that Yanun was made for him.
“Yanun and I met in Hillhead in the 70s. She progressed from being just my neighbour to being the queen of my heart,” Govender said.
It was on March, 10, 1974, that the couple tied the knot. Married in their early twenties, the Govender’s have grown to be inseparable.
Even after 45 years of marriage, the Govender’s say that nothing has changed except that their love has flourished over the years.
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The Govender’s shared that the secret to their long lasting marriage is having shared beliefs and values.
“One of the many things that worked for us is that we believe in the same views and values. It has saved us conflicts of having to explain why a certain value is important,” Yanun said.
“As cliché as it may sound, communication is the key to long lasting marriage. The way in which two people in a marriage communicate impacts the duration of their marriage,” Yanun added.
Logan revealed that even after 45 years of marriage, his beautiful wife still goes all out when cooking for him, while Yanun acknowledged that the love her husband has for her has grown stronger.
It was after giving birth to their second son that the couple relocated to Verulam.
While counting what they are grateful for, the couple counted their two sons and their grandchildren.
“We are blessed to have our four grandchildren. We have three grandsons and one granddaughter,” Yanun said.
Mrs Govender went on to express how much they enjoy being around their children and the joy they bring to them. The couple celebrated their anniversary with their children.

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