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Port Elizabeth


Good morning residents Port Elizabeth. My name is Maygene de Wee and I am a reporter at Die Burger and Netwerk24. On Sunday, the Afrikaans newspaper Rapport broke a story about former apartheidsministers, Magnus Malan, John Wiley, their friend Dave Allen and others who were allegedly part of a paedophile network, targeting young boys of colour. These boys were allegedly molested/raped by these men. Some of the acts took place in Witelsbos near the Tsitsikamma, other were at Bird Island outside Port Elizabeth.
One of the places they recruited their victims were a place called City Snacks Pool Den. If someone can remember where this place is or were – will you please let me know? Does it still exist?
We are trying to get hold of some of the alleged victims. I know this is a long shot, but I have no choice to appeal and ask anyone who might know of these incidents, if they would please contact me.
All and any information will be handled with the utmost confidentiality. The names of the victims will never be revealed, however their stories, their suffering at the hands of these men must be told.
The incidents would have taken place between 1981 and 1989. If there is anyone out there who might know any of the victims or can direct me in a direction – I will highly appreciate it. Names and identities of sources will also be kept confidential. My details are: or My contact numbers are 021 4062158; my cell is 076 521 4629. Thank you. Maygene.


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  1. My mother Beverley Ainsworth remembers City Snacks and the shop still exists but not the same owner. It use to be owned by greeks

  2. It is in Goven Mbeki Avenue. Does still exist. Used to belong to a Greek family – Michael was their surname. Has new owners now.

  3. John Wiley was the Minister at the time back in 1974 when he had Sardinia Bay beach declared a reserve. Many rumours at the time. it became a private beach.

  4. Ek het al 15 jaar gelede opgehou om Die Burger te lees, of enige ander mainstream media artikels. Julle is eenvoudig net te onbetroubaar met die waarheid. Jammerte.

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