Crimewatch24 wishes you and your family a blessed Ramadan. All Praises are due to…

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Crimewatch24 wishes you and your family a blessed Ramadan. All Praises are due to…


Crimewatch24 wishes you and your
family a blessed Ramadan.

All Praises are due to the Almighty Allah, The Forgiver & Concealer of Faults, The Guide to Repentance, The ONE who Responds to duaas. Choicest Peace, Blessings & Salutations Be Upon The Most Perfect of Creation, Sayyidina Mohammed Ur Rasoolullah ﷺ.

Alhamdulillah, The blessed month of *RAMADAAN UL KAREEM* is almost upon us. Preparation for it should commence in earnest for indeed every moment of *RAMADAAN* is most valuable. The Companions of The Holy Prophet ﷺ used to prepare for the month of *RAMADAAN* 6 months in advance.

This month of *SHABAAN UL MUAZZAM* is the prime time to start extra worship, prayers, to change & reform ourselves before the coming of the Blessed month of *RAMADAAN.*

If we really want to achieve the maximum amount of benefit & rewards this *RAMADAAN* then we need to start some kind of preparation for it now, mentally & physically.

As we know, fasting is more than just abstaining from food & drink but from indecent speech & lustful desires as well. Fasting pushes us to be cognizant of our actions, to be patient & to be moral individuals, thereby it allows us to increase our Taqwa.

_Here are some ways we can improve on different aspects of our life so we can fully benefit from the coming Ramadaan, a time when deeds are multiplied._

*1) FAST VOLUNTARILY -* The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, “Almighty Allah said, Every good deed of the son of Adam is for him except fasting, it is for Me, & I shall give the reward for it.” – *_Bukhari & Muslim Shareef._*

*2) RECITE THE HOLY QURAAN -* The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, “Indeed the one who recites the Holy Quraan beautifully, smoothly & precisely, will be in the company of the Noble & obedient Angels. As for the one who recites with difficulty, stammering or stumbling through its verses, then he will have twice that reward.” – *_Muslim Shareef._*

*3) FOLLOW THE SUNNAH -* Almighty Allah states in the Holy Quraan, “Say, Oh Muhammad ﷺ, If you love Allah, then follow me, (ﷺ) so Allah will love you & forgive your sins. And Allah is Forgiving & Merciful.” – *_Quraan 3:31_*

*4) REPENT -* The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, “All the children of Adam are sinners, but the best amongst them are those who constantly repent.” – *_Tirmidhi Shareef._*

*5) GIVE CHARITY -* The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, “Give charity without delay, for it stands in the way of calamity.” – *_Tirmidhi Shareef._*

*6) IMPROVE YOUR CHARACTER -* The Holy Prophet ﷺ said, “The best amongst you are those who have the best manners & character.” – *_Bukhari Shareef._*

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