Cyril Ramaphosa condemns xenophobia, promises change after election

President Ramaphosa paid a visit to Pietermaritzburg as part of the ANC’s campaign trail in the province.

Cyril Ramaphosa xenophobia
Caption: “I condemn the attacks on foreign nationals in the strongest terms. This is not us,” President Cyril Ramaphosa speaks in KwaZulu Natal against Xenophobia.” / Image via Twitter: @MYANC

Speaking at the ANC KZN Fundraising Dinner on Friday, President Cyril Ramaphosa condemned the recent xenophobic attacks.

“The attack on foreign nationals for whatever reason is a form of intolerance that the people of this country have rejected many times before and must do so again and again and again.”

Xenophobia has no place in society

He called on South Africans to be tolerant and be open to living side by side with people from other nations, because “we cannot be defined as being intolerant.” Ramaphosa mentioned the recent xenophobic attacks.

“These recent attacks are wrong, they violate everything that our people fought for over many decades. As for me, I condemn them in the strongest terms, because this is not us.”

Watch: President Ramaphosa speaking at a fundraising dinner

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He called on South Africans to continue appreciating what foreign nationals have done for liberation in South Africans throughout the years:

“They stood side by side with us as we were engaged in struggle. They supported us willingly in a comradely manner, supported us because they felt that racism and apartheid was an abomination against humanity.”

“Time to implement decisions”

He also asked South Africans to vote and “give the ANC a decisive victory” in the upcoming May elections. Ramaphosa said that the ANC wants to “show everyone that in the next administration we mean business.” He added:

“The first day will be about working from national down to provincial level because talking time is over now. This is now the time to implement the decisions we have [taken] over the past 25 years.”

The President explained that the ANC introduced more than 17 million state grants, making South Africa’s social welfare system the largest on the continent.

However, Ramaphosa admits that the grant system on its own is not enough. He promised that the new administration will create employment. He also said the party would focus on land reform in KwaZulu Natal.

Watch: Presidential Dinner, Coastlands Hotel

President Cyril Ramaphosa @CyrilRamaphosa

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