Democratic Liberal Congress launches manifesto

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Democratic Liberal Congress launches manifesto

Phoenix Durban

DLC leader, Cllr Patrick Pillay, is seen with his DLC activists at the packed hall during the manifesto launch.

The Democratic Liberal Congress held its manifesto launch in Phoenix, last Thursday.
DLC leader, Patrick Pillay, started the proceedings by addressing the assembled supporters.
“I am proudly South African, a patriot and the son of the African soil. South Africa is my country, my home and it is my duty as a South African to protect, develop and serve all South Africans irrespective of their race, religion and creed.
These principles are enshrined within the Constitution of the Democratic Liberal Congress, (DLC). My African dream is to see all South Africans lives in harmony in the interest of developing our super nation as South Africans,” he said.
In the manifesto, the party addressed their stance on a number of issues, calling for an increase in social grants to R3, 500 as well as raising other concerns.
In regard to housing, it states, “The DLC subscribes to housing for all within an equitable housing allocation policy system.”
In terms of land expropriation without compensation, the document states, “The DLC will not support land expropriation without compensation. Land expropriation without compensation will have a negative impact on an already failing South African economy. The willing buyer, willing seller principal must prevail.”
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The DLC also voiced their commitment to stamping out corruption, and spoke on economic development, basic and tertiary education, the need for effective service delivery and unemployment.
In terms of job creation, the manifesto states, “South Africa needs to invest in our human capital by reviving it’s manufacturing concerns in the food, textiles and furniture industry, by providing tax incentives to businesses investing in these sectors.”
It also noted a loss on investor confidence in South Africa.

“To restore investor confidence, the government needs to provide an environment that’s conductive for business opportunities in urban, pre-urban and rural areas are mechanisms that will attract investors in droves. State owned entities need to be self-sustainable, efficient and effective in its implementation of business plans. We cannot have them constantly pleading poverty due to fraud and corruption whilst seeking billions of rands in government bailouts,” it stated.
Touching on crime, it states, “Police corruption must be dealt with immediately. Corrupt cops must be expelled and replaced with clean committed police officers.”
It went on to say, “The Department of Justice must be free from any political influences and interference.”
It also outlined the DLC’s commitment to the protection of women and children against gender-based violence, their support for the LGBT community, their support for people with disabilities and the youth of South Africa.
“Twenty five years into democracy and our people are still living in absolute poverty, they are unemployed and many do not have a shelter over their heads. Thousands of people go to bed without a meal. The legislation passed in parliament have a direct impact on the lives of every South African, the senior citizens, widows, business people, academics and the youth. This year’s election is absolutely important for our future and the future of our children. The decisions we make will have a ripple effect on the future. Remember, many elections have come and gone and the political parties that was voted in have failed you miserably in terms of service delivery.  The State Capture Commission of inquiries are revelations of the type of exploitation and abuse our fateful tax payers had to endure over the past many years. This is unacceptable and must be stopped. Many elected representatives have taken your voice for granted for the past 25 years. The African dream we sought after 1994, have self-destructed because of greed and corruption. Corruption is destroying the social, economic and political fabric of our society,” said party leader, Pillay.

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