DEVELOPING | IN PICS: Willem Breytenbach in cuffs following sexual assault arrest

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MY ONLY STORY | A podcast series and live investigation into a sexual predator

Deon Wiggett, in a four-part true crime podcast supplied exclusively to News24, tracks down the man who sexually abused him more than 20 years ago. 

PART 1: ‘I was raped at 17, and I’m not the only one’ – man tracks alleged molester after 20 years

In the first podcast, Wiggett recounts a chilling story of how he and other boys were allegedly sexually molested by a man – dubbed Jimmy – who used to be a teacher at Grey College. Wiggett’s memories of abuse were jolted by his father’s death in November 2017.

PART 2: Tracking the 7 ‘missing years’ of the man who raped me 20 years ago

In his second podcast, Wiggett sets off to Grey College under a guise in an attempt to gain access to the school’s archives to find more of Jimmy’s victims. He easily charms his way into the school by pretending to be part of a research project.

PART 3: Unmasking ‘Jimmy’ – this is the man who raped me 20 years ago

Wiggett unmasks “Jimmy” as Willem Breytenbach. He dedicates the third episode to Ben whom he describes as his brother. “Ben, thank you. Meeting you gave me the big break I needed, both factually and emotionally. He is one of the heroes of this story. Not only are you my brother, but you were the first to say to me, ‘me too’.”

PART 4: ‘Willem Breytenbach will no longer bother us and I find peace in that’

In the much-anticipated finale episode of My Only Story, Wiggett finds out more startling information on Breytenbach’s “seven missing years” and his time time at Die Burger. Wiggett ends off the podcast by saying he did it for three reasons: justice, activism and art. But he also discovered a fourth reason: revenge.

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