DLC condemns pensioner’s R6, 4 million utility bill

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Phoenix Durban

DLC leader, Patrick Pillay, and his activists with pensioner, Vasanthee Randhani.

Democratic Liberal Congress leader, Patrick Pillay, condemned the inaccuracy of a meter reading in Phoenix, recently.
Cllr Pillay’s criticism comes after a pensioner’s utility bill amounted to more the R6 million. Cllr Pillay blamed the Department of Metro Water for not registering the correct meter reading in the pensioner’s utility account which resulted in an overpriced bill.
Vasanthee Randhani, a pensioner, was shocked when she received her recent utility bill which reflected an amount of R6,481,517.19 million.
“The utility bill of over R6 million took my stress levels to the sky and it started to make me sick. I told members of my community about this and they advised me to immediately contact the DLC offices and seek assistance from Cllr Patrick Pillay,” Randhani said.
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“It is unacceptable for the Department of Metro Water to continuously make the same mistake at the expense of ratepayers. I fail to understand how our people would have survived these shocking mistakes by the Department. I have made strong representations to the department to address this immediately,” Cllr Pillay said.
“I will inform the city manager about the need of instituting disciplinary action against officials who are making these errors. This week, I attended to a number of matters relative to incorrect water meter readings,” Cllr Pillay said.
The leader of the DLC went on to advise residents to read the water usage in the account.
“If the water usage is higher than normal, then members of the community should check for water leaks that sometimes surface underground. Check for leakages in the toilet or check that the correct water meter reading was captured by the department,” Cllr Patrick Pillay said.


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