DLC slams municipality for incorrect meter readings

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Phoenix Durban

DLC leader, Cllr Patrick Pillay and DLC activists are seen with pensioner, Ramkissoon Singh and his wife.

The Democratic Liberal Congress leader, Cllr Patrick Pillay denounced the unfair treatment of ratepayers when charges in their utility bills are incorrect and are not a true reflection of their water and electricity consumption costs.
After two years of the implementation of the Revenue Management Systems, ratepayers and pensioners are still faced with the challenges of incorrect billing, more especially incorrect electricity and water meter readings.
When 74-year-old pensioner, Ramkissoon Singh and his 69-year-old wife received their electricity bill, last month, never did they prepare themselves for the shock of the huge account.
Singh said that they were really traumatised and had no idea on how to deal with the hefty account.
“When we visited the municipal offices in Phoenix, we were told that we must pay our account,” he said.
Failing to get any positive response from the municipal offices, they approached the DLC office for assistance.

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“We are really grateful for DLC’s intervention and are pleased that something will now be done about our account,” added Singh.

Cllr Pillay said that when the Singh’s approached his office, they were really stressed and could not contain their emotions.

“I was very worried about them and immediately, my DLC activist and I attended to their emotional state of minds and calmed them down.”
He said that upon analysing the account, he picked up that there was an incorrect meter reading that was captured.
“That resulted in their account escalating to over R200, 000. I made strong representations with treasury to immediately investigate and make the necessary adjustments and reversals,” concluded Pillay.


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