Do not carry large sums of cash, warns KZN police

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Do not carry large sums of cash, warns KZN police

Phoenix Durban

As the festive season approaches, much emphasis is being placed on safety and vigilance. Following various incidents throughout the year, provincial police are once again warning members of the public to not carry large sums of money during the holidays.
They urge residents to rather consider other options including carrying as little cash as possible and making use of cellphone banking and internet banking.
Provincial police spokesman, Lt Col Thulani Zwane said, “We are concerned after recent incidents where people are robbed of their cash or even injured in the process. This guidance has been issued to prevent such incidents in future. Below are tips that will help minimise the chances of becoming a victim.”
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· Alternate the days and times on which you deposit cash
· Refrain from making cash deposits
· Never make your bank visits public, even to people close to you
· Do not openly display the money you are depositing while you are standing in the bank queue
· Avoid carrying money bags, briefcases or openly displaying your deposit receipt book
· It’s advisable to identify another branch nearby that you can visit to ensure that your banking pattern is not easily recognizable or detected
· If the amount of cash you are regularly depositing is increasing as your business grows, consider using the services of a cash management company
· Refrain from giving wages to your contract or casual labourers in full view of the public rather make use of wage accounts that can be provided by your bank
· Refrain from driving to the bank in your company branded vehicle on a typical ‘pay day’
· Consider arranging for electronic transfers of wages to your contract or casual labourers’ personal bank accounts
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Police are also warning all stokvel members to take extra precautions when dealing with large amounts of cash as these types of cases are very prevalent during the festive season when members are sharing money.
“Stokvels are advised to arrange with their banks to deposit cash into their accounts. Citizens are cautioned not to withdraw large amounts of cash or transport large sums for deposits as often criminals have been tipped off and follow people to and from banks with them intention to rob them,” he added.
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