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THE Economic Freedom Fighters wants government to provide
work to all Bosasa workers.The EFF is calling on all Government Departments and
State Entities that had contracts with BOSASA, to immediately start the process
of insourcing all the workers who were employed by the Company, particularly
the Security Guards. This is after Bosasa announced that a voluntary
liquidation of the company and the subsequent closure of their bank accounts.The EFF said it is aware that if nothing is done, more
than 4500 jobs of ordinary South Africans, who had nothing to do with the BOSASA
corruption, will be lost. “Insourcing of workers is the only rational and sensible
action that Government should engage in, as a matter of urgency. In the recent
past, the EFF has witnessed how insourcing has improved the lives of workers in
the City of Johannesburg and Wits University. Many workers who used to be paid
very low salaries, are now paid decent wages and integrated into employee
benefits normally applicable to full time employees,” said Mbuyiseni Ndlozi National
Spokesperson.Ndlozi said all Government Departments and Institutions
that had a relationship with BOSASA, should additionally build internal capacity
to provide services that were provided by the “corrupt” company.The State should build capacity for catering in prisons,
and should build capacity to manage and properly run all the youth
rehabilitation centres that were under the management of BOSASA. All the youth
centres that are owned by BOSASA should be expropriated without compensation,
because they were established, built, and financed through proceeds of
corruption.The EFF further calls on all the Banks to close the
Banking Accounts of Steinhoff, and all Companies and Individuals, who are
implicated in the fixing of South Africa’s currency for private benefits. “If Banks are going to enforce laws against financial
crimes and corruption, they should do so with consistency. There should be
equal application of laws in South Africa; and there should never be holy cows
of white monopoly capitalists who are untouchable.”The EFF said it will write to all the Government
Departments and Entities, which had contracts with BOSASA, to demand the
insourcing of workers; and also demand the building of internal capacity to
perform the functions that were performed by BOSASA. “The EFF is aware that Vultures, like Bidvest, are
waiting on the sidelines to scavenge on the contracts that will be lost due to
the liquidation of the BOSASA. Insourcing and building of State capacity is the
only solution in this regard, and Government must not try anything else.”


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