Efficiency of having a NHW with a monitored Chat Group (Whatsapp) Admin of the…

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Efficiency of having a NHW
with a monitored Chat Group

Admin of the groups monitored the following reports and acted accordingly.

[03/30, 23:11] ‪+27
Huge fire on the field across our home…its next to he witten and Higgins homes between bronze ferrous street thank you.

[03/30, 23:12] ??
Copy will forward

[03/30, 23:12] ‪+27
Thank you
[03/30, 23:19] ‪+27
Sorry there are people standing around this fire they may be burning stolen goods
[03/30, 23:21] ‪+27
No watch on the scene yet

[03/30, 23:21] ??
Contacting , waiting on answers
[03/30, 23:24] ??
On Coms Radio with NHW they are activating
[03/30, 23:28] ??
Is fire n people still there?

[03/30, 23:28] ‪+27 Yes

[03/30, 23:29] ?? Copy

[03/30, 23:32] ??
NHW on scene now

[03/30, 23:36] ??
Report is that a resident was making a fire on the field , the resident has it all under control.
[03/30, 23:36] ??
This is what the resident told the Nhw??

[03/30, 23:39] ‪+27
.the fire was so high my husband woke me up….and nobody is allowed to to make any fire on the field and why so late to me it look suspicious…the last time I called the cops they found copper being burnt….

[03/30, 23:43] ??
Yes thats Council Property too, so had to get permission, which wouldn’t be granted anyway. That is definitely not allowed. Will get more info on the situation.
[03/30, 23:43] ‪+27 ??

The NHW reacted within 10min from home bases to investigate the fire situation. As in the report it was a controlled fire by a resident done illegally. This could have been a totally different or more serious situation and for the vigilance of the resident to report a fire in this case and then the NHW to react within minutes of the report going out and the Admin reposting and Radioing the coordinators to activate and attend to the residents complaint , says a lot about the efficiency and dedicated Patrol staff off the VWNW Neighbourhood Watch.
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