Eight-year-old girl on antiretroviral medication | Middelburg Observer

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Eight-year-old girl on antiretroviral medication | Middelburg Observer

Phoenix Durban

Internet image.

A reliable source (who wants to stay anonymous) told www.mobserver.co.za that the girl went to her mother and said that she and her friends played “doctor doctor” with needles they picked up in the street.
The mother found marks which were clearly made by a needle on the little girl’s arms where they playfully “injected” each other. She rushed the child to the doctor.
It was clear that they were used needles and the doctor immediately put the child on antiretroviral medication as a precaution.
The person who told www.mobserver.co.za about the incident said that drug users most probably just threw the needles next to the road after they injected themselves with drugs.
She said that parents, the police, schools and even pre-schools must start an awareness campaign to teach young children not to pick up needles or pills, to prevent the recurrence of such incidents.

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